Motorbike Headsets – Should We Use Them?


Gone are the days when to receive a phone call while riding motorcycle, you had to halt on the roadside and remove your helmet. Sometimes, after all this trouble, you realized that the call was from an insurance company agent. At other instances, you ignored the call and later came to know that it was an urgent call from your boss, wife or parent.

With the advent of technology, the Bluetooth headsets have gained immense popularity. These headsets can be fixed inside the helmet and save a lot of time and embarrassment. Despite such utility of the headset, a question that is always there is, “Why is it important to use a motorbike headset?”. We shall try to explore this in the subsequent paragraphs.

Motorbike Headset

jkfjk89A combination of wireless earpiece and speaker, that gets fitted inside your helmet while connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth is normally referred to as a motorbike headset. Take a look at the UCLEAR HBC200 bluetooth review to learn more.

You can use it for various purposes and get numerous benefits, some of which are mentioned below:

Road Safety

It is very well known that receiving or trying to receive a call using your phone while riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, even fatal. Still, we find riders committing that mistake. Stopping or trying to stop on the roadside is equally risky.

Urgent Calls

You will not miss any urgent and important calls, thereby keeping your boss, wife, and parents happy.

Enjoy the Ride

You can listen to some favorite music to keep yourself amazed. This also helps you to remain awake and aware.

Group Tour? Stay in Touch

If you have a group or a single companion on another motorbike, you can remain in touch with your group or companion without the hassles of halting and removing the helmet. You can share live updates and road tips. All this is possible with the latest technology of group connect through an intercom.

Save Time

Each time you want to receive a call, you do not have to remove your helmet, thereby saving a lot of time.

You Know Who is Calling

As soon as the phone rings, the headset will inform you the details of the caller depending upon available data. So, you can decide whether to receive or ignore it.

Voice Commands

Your phone can be commanded to perform various actions like calling someone, playing, shuffling or stopping music, etc. at your voice commands. So, you get the maximum from your phone too.


The Camera on the Headset

Sometimes you need to capture an image, but it gets too late by the time you take out your camera to click. So, there are a few headsets that have a camera and hence allow you to take natural pictures or even record as per your choice.

Inbuilt GPS

The inbuilt GPS in the headset can save a lot of time by avoiding confusion.

Long Battery Hours

The new headsets have battery playtime of around 10-15 hours and standby time over two days. This gives you the freedom to move without bounds.


We have seen that the use of a motorbike headset has numerous benefits that can not be ignored. Hence, it is highly recommended that headsets should be used while riding motorbike, whenever and wherever possible.

Best Watches For Men

Automatic watches are the best watches for men. These watches are the most logical choices for every man. They help in saving energy and time that would be spent in winding the watch. This article is going to highlight the best watches in the market which you should consider when buying your next watch.

Hamilton Khaki King Watch

This is an advanced design of the original Hamilton military watch. Khaki King automatic watch is considered to be the best explorer’s timepiece. It comprises of a 40 mm case and an anti-reflective sapphire window. It has a black dial which displays both the time and date. Additionally, this watch is water resistant. It is a favorable purchase since it is easy provides a clear display of both the date and day which is easy to read.

Frederique Constant Automatic watch

This is an automatic watch with a silvered dial, black luminous indexes, and a guilloche decoration. It consists of a highly polished stainless steel case which one can see through. It is water proof watch. Its black pearl minute and hour hands contribute to the general appeal of this watch.

Besides, it has a unique leather strap which is gray in color. This strap has a folding buckle which adds the aesthetic value of this watch. In addition to its improved durability and functionality, this watch is sold at a reasonable price which everyone can afford.

Luminox 1801-B0 1800 Watch

This is another type of automatic watch which is very durable. It has genuine sapphire glass and buffalo leather straps. It has an anti-reflective coating which is visually appealing. It consists of a stainless steel case, a see-through case which is black and a day-date function. One of the outstanding features of this watch is the continuous illumination which is provided by the tritium tubes.

Seiko-5 Black Dial Auto Watch

This is the modern brand automatic watch manufactured by the Seiko Company. It has a vivid black dial which works very well with its silver wristband. Other outstanding features and qualities of this watch are; a safety lock feature, date/day display, water resistance, a stainless steel black case. Besides, it is equipped with a unidirectional bezel and a hardlex crystal which makes it very durable.

Victorinox ‘Alliance‘ Swiss Automatic Watch

This is an automatic modern watch. It has a polished stainless steel case, self-winding movement, anti-reflection sapphire crystal, military time, a see-through case back and a date functioning. This watch cannot annoy you with ticking since it is very silent.

Roof Buying Guide

The longevity and performance of the roof vary widely depending on the roofing brands and types. There are some important that should be accounted for when buying a new roof. They include the following


The cost of the entire roof should be determined. The roofing is sold regarding square feet. It is, therefore, important to determine the size of the roofing needed. The number of squares needed will be used in determining the cost of the roof.

Watch the warranty

The new roof should have a warranty which covers the replacement of any defective roof. Most of the warranties offered include the full reimbursement of all the materials as well as the installation for a specified period. The warranty does not cover damages caused by winds exceeding 85 mph. Besides, they do not cover faulty installation. Instead, you should ask for a labor warranty from your roof installer. All the invoices and receipts should be saved for future references when claiming the warranty.

The solar factor

You can install your roofing at the same time with the solar panels if you intend to go solar. You should consult a structural engineer to access the condition of your roof. The Engineer will determine the amount of weight which can be supported by your roof. The roofing manufacturer should also be consulted before installing a solar system on the rooftop. This is done to ensure that the warranty of the roof is not affected.

Fire rating

You should select roofing which has a high fire rating. Class A is the best since it has the highest rating when it comes to fire rating.

Types of roofing material

There are different types of roofing materials. One must weigh the aesthetics of the roof against costs when doing the installation of the roof. The roofing materials vary regarding prices and grades. You need to choose a roof which is within your budget. These are some of the roofing types that you should consider

Metal roofing

These are roofs made from aluminum, steel, alloy strips, and copper. These roofs are designed in various textures and shapes. The copper roof is more expensive as compared to the rest but most people find it attractive. Metallic roofs are light in weight, and they can be installed easily. Also, they help in making the house cooler by reflecting away the sun’s rays.

Slate roofing shingles

These are roofs made from composite materials. The materials used in making these roofs include rubber, polymers, and clay. These materials are combined in different proportions.

Asphalt roofing shingles

This is the most popular roofing material. This roofing is made using fiberglass which has been sandwiched between ceramic granules and asphalt. These roofs are easy to install and are relatively light as compare to the other types of roofing materials.