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Buying Clothes For a Newborn Baby

The excitement that comes with the news of pregnancy is often reflected in the enthusiasm by which the soon-to-be parents, as well as their family and friends, buy gifts for the newborn. One of the most common gift items for a newborn baby is clothes. However, many people tend to get it wrong when buying clothes for a newborn. It invites the question of issues that should be considered when purchasing clothes for babies. These are some of the factors to consider when buying clothes for a newborn baby:

The implications of size

baby's clothesMost clothes for babies are categorized using the age of the baby. For instance, clothes labeled “newborn” are typically for babies between 0-3 months. Babies between three months to six months also have their clothes placed in the same category. It is, therefore, essential to understanding the implications of size before purchasing clothes for a newborn. It can be challenging to know the size of clothing that would be right for a baby but understanding how the sizes are categorized can help you choose the right size of clothes for the newborn.

Rate of growth

Babies tend to grow at a much faster rate than children above one year. A normal and healthy baby basically outgrows clothes every other week. It is, therefore, necessary to take the rate of growth into account when buying clothes for a newborn baby. Avoid purchasing clothes that the baby will outgrow in a matter of weeks.

It is necessary to mix the sizes to have clothes that can fit the baby now and some that the newborn will grow into. This will ensure that the baby has clothes to wear now as well as in the next few weeks. It also saves parents of the newborn the hustle of purchasing clothes for the newborn now and then. Alternatively, you can buy clothes in small amounts such that new clothes are bought in bits as the baby grows.

Fabric texture

Newborns have sensitive skin which makes it essential to consider the texture of fabric before making purchases. Avoid purchasing clothes without tags because it makes it difficult to identify the type of fabric that has been used to manufacture the clothing. Purchase clothes with soft fabric because they are unlike to cause any irritation on the skin of the newborn.

Ease of putting on and taking off

newborn clothesBabies are usually delicate. They are also naturally impatient. You should, therefore, purchase clothes that are easy to put on and take off to avoid irritating the newborn and making him or her uncomfortable. Clothes that are difficult to put on and take off can also result in injuries to the baby. Clothes with buttons can be frustrating when you have a newborn. Those with zippers, on the other hand, are easy to put on and take off.

These are some of the key factors to consider when buying clothes for a newborn. They will help you choose clothes that will make the newborn comfortable and look elegant. It is important to recognize that even babies require functional clothes.